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WDW & Beyond

Nov 28, 2021

Welcome O'Hana family!

Join Rob, Danielle, Gregory and Our O'hana Facebook Live family as we discuss Rob, Dani and Gregory's trip to Universal Studios.

It's Rob's first time and Dani and Greg's second - hear what they think of the parks, food, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Velocicoaster and many others. 


Nov 21, 2021

Welcome O'Hana family!

It is WDW&B Movie Club

This time we discuss the animation short that Shannon's favorite Disney attraction is based on: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.  

Join us as we discuss fun facts, favorite characters, scenes and quotes along with ranking it at the end. 

Thank you for listening and...

Nov 14, 2021

Welcome O'Hana family!!

Rob is joined by Danielle and Gregory to do Disney Scene It.

They are giving something in Walt Disney World and have to say the first thing that comes to their mind - a la Phoebe's game on "Friends"

 Play along - you might be surprised by their and your own answers.

Thank you for listening and...

Nov 7, 2021

Welcome O'Hana family!!

Rob has Danielle and Gregory play By the Numbers.

Can they guess the number answer correctly to these Disney questions?

Play along and see how you do!!

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