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WDW & Beyond

Apr 24, 2022

Welcome O'Hana family!!

This episode we continue our PLUS IT!! series. Walt always talked about plussing things to keep things fresh and we take our turn at it. This time we take on Disney's Animal Kingdom - what do you think of what we would plus? What would you plus?

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Apr 17, 2022

Welcome O'Hana family!

It is WDW&B Movie Club

This time we discuss the iconic (and Rob's favorite) movie Raiders of the Lost Ark

One of those movies that everyone seems to enjoy and have great memories of. 

Join us as we discuss fun facts, favorite characters, scenes and quotes along with ranking it at the end. 


Apr 10, 2022

Welcome O'Hana family!!

We continue our new series: Best Spots for Photos Series

 This one is EPCOT: Our Favorite Photo Spots to take pictures of. 

What are your best spots or must take photos in EPCOT? 

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Apr 3, 2022

Welcome O'Hana family!!

We continue with a new series using our unique ranking system - this time including our O'hana in the ranking because we were able to do it on a Facebook Live.

We will begin Ranking WDW Attractions, this episode is the Magic Kingdom Part IV - including Journey of the Little Mermaid and Seven...