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WDW & Beyond

Aug 27, 2023

It is the WDW&B Movie Club

This time we discuss: Bedtime Stories 

Join Rob, Danielle, Gregory & Our Facebook Live O'hana as we discuss fun facts, favorite characters, scenes and quotes along with ranking it at the end. 

Thank you for listening and please visit us at, our Facebook page at WDW & Beyond...

Aug 20, 2023

Welcome O'Hana family!!

A Show that has needed to be done and we finally got around to doing it.....


 Join Rob & Mike as they discuss:  Coronado Redemption Show

Way back in year one and whe nwe just strated doing our unique ranking system - The Coronado was given a very low ranking in mostof htecatagories - but after...

Aug 13, 2023

Welcome O'Hana family!!

It's our new show series - Every month we will be discussing Current Events at Walt Disney World and other Disney & Beyond news.

Join Rob and Danielle as we talk about Walt Disney News for August as we go around the parks, talk movies and other Disney topics. 

Thank you for listening and please...

Aug 6, 2023

Welcome O'Hana family!!

The Show that was so Great, we had to record the first part

Someone...cough,cough (Rob) forgot to hit the record button, thus the laughter to start out the show 

We continue with our Ranking WDW Attractions series using our unique ranking system.

This time we are Ranking Magic Kingdom...